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Legislative Impact Report

January 14, 2022

Our Unified Farmer Voice Defeats LD 151!

Thanks to your many calls and emails, Governor Mills vetoed LD 151 An Act To Protect Farm Workers by Allowing Them To Organize for the Purpose of Collective Bargaining. Governor Mills recognized the extreme challenges the complex legislation would bring to farmers and signed a veto on January 8, 2022. We are grateful for the Governor’s pragmatic approach and concern for the future of Maine agriculture.

Upcoming Public Hearings and Work Sessions

Jan 18th

Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

11:00 am

Public Hearing

LD 174, HP 127 An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Ending Hunger by 2030 Advisory Group


State Hemp Program

Dairy 101


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Jan 25th

Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

11:00 am

Work Session

LD 1744, SP 599 An Act To Increase Funding for the Animal Welfare Fund by Increasing Certain Fees – Dill

LD 1828, SP 644 An Act Requiring a Contract for the Administration of the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry’s Low-cost Spaying and Neutering Program – Breen


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Week in Review

Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

On Tuesday, many farmers and farm supporters testified in support of LD 1805 which increases the TIER program’s minimum prices. The Maine Dairy Stabilization Program, also known as the Tier Program, was created in 2004 to help Maine dairy farmers by providing direct payments to help make up the gap between the commercial price they receive for their milk, which they do not control, and the cost of production. 

On Thursday, Commissioner Amanda Beal presented a briefing to the ACF Committee on the Department’s activitites.

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Criminal Justice and Public Safety

On Friday, the Committee held a work session on LD 1348 An Act To Limit the Decibel Level of Fireworks Near Working Farms, a bill requested by Maine Farm Bureau. Senator Cyrway presented an amendment which would allow municipalities to generate online fireworks permits, helping to better inform farmers when fireworks will be used close to their property. The bill was tabled to allow for stakeholders to make further revisions to the amendment.