Virtual tours helpful hints

Hi all,
Anne Trenholm, who Coordinated Open Farm Day, is sharing takeaways from her efforts in Open Farm Day and agricultural awareness efforts. If people do have questions about DIY—and they don’t have a member who’s great at capturing images, we’ve put some information on the agritourism page:
Determine the audience & Do your homework
ID the value of your efforts:
What will you prioritize? A narrow audience? A broad topic? “Begin with the end in mind.”
+Broad topics = blend of timeless and can play a role in ‘drip marketing’, which is good for building awareness and sentiment. This was our aim.
+The more you rehearse your message, and the more b-roll you have, the easier it is to make a final project.
Give people a script (Did you see these? Do you hear them on the radio? They’re dual purpose).
Must say:
My name is ______________________. My farm is ______________________ located in ___________________ Maine. We grow ___________________.
Choice: Pick three of the following questions to answer. (Tip: write your answers before you call. It will help you stay on message and be easy to follow.)
  • Why do you farm?
  • How long have you been farming?
  • What is something that surprises you about farming?
  • What does a typical workday look like for you?
  • What is something that surprises people who visit your farm/learn