Update regarding Helena Agri Enterprises Contact!

Dear MCTA Member –

Please see the message below regarding Helena Agri Enterprises:

This past November one of Helena Agri Enterprises sales representatives passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 61 years of age. Steve was a good friend and he had been my chemical and fertilizer supplier for nearly 40 years, first at Maine Potato Growers then for the past few years at Helena Agri Enterprises. Steve was a friend and familiar face to many within the farming community.


Steve pretty much covered all aspects of farming all over Maine from potatoes (all over the State) to blueberries Down East, apple growers and corn growers in Western Maine, and Christmas tree growers scattered about the State. Recently I’ve been getting calls from other tree growers and farming friends asking about who will be taking over his sales territory. This evening, I spoke with Logan Brewer who will be taking over Steve’s customers and sales territory and he asked if I would pass his contact info on. 


This isn’t a sales pitch or endorsement; the busy season is coming up fast so I’m just passing on Logan’s contact info so that Steve’s customers have a point of contact to reach out to. Please word this as you feel is appropriate or pass this message on.


Roger Callnan


Logan Brewer 

Helena Agri Enterprises LLC


207 551-5939 cell