Legislative Update

Legislative Update
LD 151 An Act To Protect Farm Workers by Allowing Them To Organize for the Purpose of Collective Bargaining
If two of your workers created a union and chose to strike during the middle of planting or harvest, could your farm stay in business?
Can your farm withstand additional labor costs, or will you go out of business?
Tell Governor Mills she needs to help farms, not shut them down!
  • Tell Governor Mills what additional labor costs and demands will do to your farm (if this passes, will you still be in business next year or 5 years from now?)
  • Tell Governor Mills how many workers you have and how they would be impacted by having to pay union dues
  • Tell Governor Mills that farmers need more support from her administration
Governor Mills has one day to veto LD 151 before it becomes law without her signature. Tell her to take action today!
Call: 207-287-3531
Email: Thomas.Abello@maine.gov (Tom Abello, Governor Mills’ Legislative Director)
Listen to the discussion on WVOM:
Maine Farm Bureau
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