Legislative Impact Report


Legislative Impact Report

January 23, 2022

Upcoming Public Hearings and Work Sessions

Governor’s Proposed Biennial Budget for FY 2024-25

Hearings This Week


The Governor’s Recommended Budget for the 2024-2025 biennium includes $10 million in General Fund appropriations over the biennium. This is an increase of 18.5% over total appropriations enacted for the 2022-2023 biennium through the Second Regular Session of the 130th Legislature.

The Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry has requested a budget increase of 32.61%, from $83 Million to $111 Million.

The proposed ACF Budget includes:

  • $1 Millon in funding for ongoing expenses related to PFAS
  • Hiring an additional MMPI Inspector
  • Increased support for Maine Milk Commission
  • Increased support for the Board of Pesticide Control
  • $1.5 Million for greenhouses to enhance community-based opportunities for food production
  • $2 Million funding for the Farmers Drought Relief Grant Program
  • $3 Million for the Maine Healthy Soils Program

AFA hearings will be conducted over the next few weeks.



Jan 23rd

Snow Day


Jan 24th

10:00 am


House Chamber

House Session


Senate Chamber

Senate Session

3:00 pm

Appropriations and Financial Affairs

Joint Committees AFA & ACF

State House, Room 228

Public Hearing


Jan 24th

9:00 am

Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

Cross Building, Room 214

Public Hearing

LD 8, HP 12 An Act to Increase Support for the Modernization of the Board of Pesticides Control by Increasing the Annual Pesticide Registration Fee – Pluecker

Committee on Environment and Natural Resources


Cross Building, Room 216

Legislative Meeting

1:00 pm

Committee on Inland Fisheries and Wildlife


Cross Building, Room 206

2:30 pm

Appropriations and Financial Affairs

Joint Committees AFA & ENR

State House, Room 228

Public Hearing

3:30 pm

Appropriations and Financial Affairs

Joint Committees AFA & IFW

State House, Room 228

Public Hearing


Jan 25th

10:00 am


House Chamber

House Session


Senate Chamber

Senate Session


1:00 pm

Committee on Labor and Housing

Workers’ Compensation Board & State Workforce Board Orientations, Interested Parties Meet and Greet

Cross Building, Room 202

Legislative Meeting


Join Our Legislative Committee

As a grassroots organization, our Legislative Committee votes on whether to support or oppose proposed legislation. If you are interested in working to shape Maine’s agricultural policy, sign up today for our Legislative Committee!

*Please note that only regular (actively farming) members are eligible to vote. All members are welcome to attend meetings.

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2023 – 2024 Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee Members

Senator Henry Ingwersen of York- Chair

D – Senate District 32

Email: Henry.Ingwersen@Legislature.Maine.gov

Senator Russell Black of Franklin

R – Senate District 5

Email: Russell.Black@legislature.maine.gov

Senator Craig Hickman of Kennebec

D – Senate District 14

Email: Craig.Hickman@legislature.maine.gov

Representative Bill Pluecker of Warren- Chair

I – House District 44

Email: William.Pluecker@Legislature.Maine.gov

Representative Danny Costain of Plymouth

R – House District 33

Email: Danny.Costain@Legislature.Maine.gov

Representative Dean Cray of Palmyra

R – House District 69

Email: dean.cray@legislature.maine.gov

Representative Timothy Guerrette of Caribou

R – House District 4

Email: Timothy.Guerrette@Legislature.Maine.gov

Representative Randy Hall of Wilton

R – House District 74

Email: Randall.Hall@Legislature.Maine.gov

Representative Allison Hepler of Woolwich

D – House District 49

Email: Allison.Hepler@Legislature.Maine.gov

Representative Caldwell Jackson of Oxford

R – House District 80

Email: Caldwell.Jackson@Legislature.Maine.gov

Representative Rebecca Jauch of Topsham

D – House District 51

Email: Rebecca.Jauch@Legislature.Maine.gov

Representative Laurie Osher of Orono

D – House District 25

Email: Laurie.Osher@Legislature.Maine.gov

Representative Kathleen Shaw of Auburn

D – House District 88

Email: Kathleen.Shaw@Legislature.Maine.gov

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Every legislative bill we take a position on begins with a member. Your voice becomes our voice, the unified voice of Maine Agriculture. We are farm families working together to build a sustainable future of safe and abundant food, fiber, and renewable fuel for our nation and the world.


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