Extension Labor and Compensation Survey


A team of Extension and research professionals at the University of Maine is conducting a periodic survey about farm, ranch, and aquaculture operations’ labor and compensation. The UMaine team says the study will help them provide information to agricultural operators and workers about average wages and benefits that can be used in your decision making. It will also help the team to understand labor used by operations in the region and to identify programs and policies that may benefit managers, owners, and workers in New England agriculture.


UMaine Extension’s team invites you to participate by responding to an anonymous survey. Participation involves answering questions about you and your operation online. The questionnaire can be completed on a laptop or mobile device of your choice. The survey takes approximately 30 minutes. They will be offering the chance to enter a drawing to win a $75 gift card to a farm outfitter (such as Tractor Supply) to all those who reach the end of the survey and elect to provide contact information on a separate form to enter the raffle.


You must be at least 18 years old to participate and must be involved in the management or decision-making for an agricultural enterprise such as a farm, ranch, or aquaculture production facility. Follow this link to find additional information about this project.


To participate, follow this link to the survey to begin: https://bit.ly/2023AgLaborSurvey 


Please respond to the survey by 20 April 2023. 


Those with questions may contact the project’s principal investigator, Dr. Jason Entsminger, at jason.entsminger@maine.edu.