Don’t Miss the Elongate Hemlock Scale Webinar

NEWS & UPDATES January 2024
Don’t Miss the Elongate Hemlock Scale Webinar!
Elongate Hemlock Scale (EHS) is the subject of the Real Christmas Tree Board Research Webinar at 11 am eastern on January 30, 2024, hosted in conjunction with Michigan State University Extension.
Elongate Hemlock Scale is known to infest Canaan and Fraser fir, as well as Eastern hemlock trees and is the top pest concern among mid-Atlantic Christmas tree growers.
Although EHS typically causes little damage to Fraser fir, its presence on Christmas trees represents an important pathway which may allow this insect to spread to new areas where more susceptible conifer hosts might exist in plantations and natural forests. When detected on Christmas trees entering states where the scale is not yet present, local regulatory agencies intercept and destroy the infested material
resulting in lost revenues for growers.
Join us to learn more from three researchers funded by the RCTB to investigate EHS and a variety of possible controls. Webinar presenters include:
Dr. Robert Jetton,
Associate Professor in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at
North Carolina State University.
Dr. Matt Kasson,
Associate Professor of Forest Pathology and Mycology at West Virginia
Dr. Gary Chastagner,
Plant Pathologist and Extension Specialist at Washington State University
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