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2018 Maine Motorcoach Network Profile Book

Deadline – December 28, 2017

The Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry is working with the Maine Office of Tourism to promote Agri-tourism opportunities in Maine. Agri-tourism businesses should consider a listing in the Maine Motorcoach Network 2018 annual profile book.

The annual profile book is a great resource to showcase your Agri-tourism business. This book is shown to tour operators looking to bring groups to Maine. Groups want access to something unique that most visitors do not get to see or do. Maine farms are a great representation of this.

The deadline to be featured in the 2018 Annual Profile Book is December 28, 2017.

The following brief list will help you determine if you’re business is ready for group tours.

Staffing must be adequate to handle 45-55 people in an efficient, professional, and friendly manner. Staff training for group efficiency is very important. Tours are on a relatively strict timeline. All arrive and depart at the same time, therefore wait time for every aspect of service must be minimized.

Be prepared to board the coach upon arrival to give an orientation to the site and offer key information

Clean, accessible public restrooms that can accommodate up to 55 people in a reasonable amount of time.

Motorcoach drop-off, parking and turning space must be free of obstructions (branches, wires, etc.) both overhead and beneath (high spots causing drag, unpaved parking areas with poor drainage (mud). Safe, level loading and unloading areas and level walkways.

Coaches need easy turning areas with a reasonable turning radius.

Ready to be listed in the profile book ? Please use the following link to submit a profile sheet:

For more information on the Maine Motorcoach Network and how to join visit: or contact Hannah Collins at Maine office of Tourism