Good Morning Farms and Friends, Recently at AGCOM we had a presentation from Megan Patterson who

from BPC and U Maine Ext. is very knowledgeable in plants and pesticides. She along with the Apple 

growers have given us access to their  newsletters  which contain a lot of info into their use of pesticdes

and plant studies that should have some interest to Christmas tree growers. I hope this is of benefit to all.

Today we heard from Megan Patterson who spoke about PFAS in pesticides. She passed along a lot of information and was very versed on the topic. Glen Koehler from the University of Maine has been keeping up with the research on these pesticides and has forwarded the information along to apple growers in his tree fruit newsletter. Since there was an interest from all sectors of ag, I am sharing the link to these newsletters for your own benefit. If you scroll down through previous newsletters, you can find the data on pesticides. Though not a complete list, it gives a starting point.