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Summer 2017    
19th century barn

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19th century barnSugargrove Tree Farm is a family owned and operated, choose and harvest Christmas Tree Farm, located on a historic Ashland County farm that has been in our family since 1823.
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Spring and early summer at Sugargrove Tree Farm has been busy again this year.  Every year seems to bring different challenges and weather and his year, the rainfall has been exceptionally well timed and probably a little more than we need. We have had a difficult time keeping ahead of the mowing.  Rain came shortly after we planted this year, getting the new tree seedlings off to a good start.  Other than a short time in May, the growing season has been very good and this year’s crop has developed very well.  I think that after shearing, they will be very beautiful trees.  Here is a photo of just planted trees in 2010 that we will be harvesting from this year.  They grew quite nicely since 2010. And Casey, our Dalmatian is inspecting our work.  I will include a picture of the sheared trees in our early fall newsletter.


Casey inspecting the work
Spring 2010 Planting



Shearing of trees has begun.  The white pine, Norway spruce, and blue spruce have received their annual shearing and we will start working on the 10,000 fir trees later in July.    If you are interested in how we shear our trees, visit the Sugargrove Facebook page where we have posted a video of how we shear.  Here is a link to our Facebook page:


I have some favorite farm photos to share with you.  They include an early morning July sunrise and a view of the trees and buildings from out in the field.  I hope you like them.


Early July Morning
Farm View

I am headed to Wisconsin this August for my last board meeting of the National Christmas Tree Association.  This tour of duty has been for 12 years that included the office of Vice President of Finance for 6 years, President for 2 years, and now, Past President for 2 years.  My term will end December 31 of this year.  I am thankful for the experience and the opportunity to meet and work on national issues with Christmas tree growers from Oregon and California to Main and North Carolina.  I am also happy to be relinquishing the responsibility.

Until I see you at the farm….


Blake Rafeld

President, Sugargrove Tree Farm